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24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Chris Rogge

Edition of 50 | Signed and numbered by the artist | Sold unframed

The Justice System, Texas, and humanity are surrounded by many flaws. When those flaws are stripped away, I believe there is inherent truth, beauty, and integrity which I set out to bring to light. This piece reflects that at the core of the Justice System are the Scales of Justice, shown completely balanced, representing the fair and unbiased trial every Texan is promised. The scales are surrounded and protected by Lady Justice’s sword and the Liberty Torch to signify that there are many factors that should go into keeping the system safe and truthful. Inside the border are laurels, roses, and words which represent the fairness and hope we see radiating from the system. In the border, the top and bottom scroll and the four corners represent the law and court itself and what it stands for. Unfortunately, all the good is surrounded by evil, shown in the sides of the border with corruption and bias trying to slip its way in through the snakes and chains. Every day, we are surrounded by negativity. My hope is that this piece shines hope and light into your life and reminds you that at the core of it all, there is still good in the world.

Chris Rogge

SKU: 11Rogge19
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