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24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Daniel Hawkins / Austin, TX

Edition of 35 | Signed and numbered by the artist | Sold unframed

I wanted to bring visibility to the school-to-prison pipeline. I think it’s important for others to recognize that it does exist so we can understand how to begin dismantling it. Due to my privileged background I, like many others, was never truly susceptible to this danger. But the school-to-prison pipeline is a very real threat to many individuals in the American education system. For those caught in it, the school-to-prison pipeline is often just the beginning of a life of legal and financial troubles. I found it both rewarding and challenging to create a piece of art that illustrates such an ugly and heartbreaking aspect of our education system.

Daniel Hawkins is a graphic designer and poster artist based in Austin, Texas. He began creating posters in middle school, experimenting with xerox machines, scissors and tape. Today Daniel regularly creates poster art for national and international musicians. His work has been featured in Japan, the U.K., France and Germany, among other locations. Outside of this, Daniel is a visual designer at an advertising agency in downtown Austin.

Daniel Hawkins

SKU: 11DHawkins17
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