24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Edith Valle / Austin, TX

Edition of 35 | Signed and numbered by the artist | SOLD OUT

The Monarch butterfly became a symbol of immigration due to its ability to move freely across North American borders. Like many immigrants, they move to survive. However, in our current political climate, immigrants — both documented and undocumented — feel threatened by deportations and are often stereotyped as criminals. This piece serves as a reminder that we are a nation of immigrants — we can only continue to thrive if we welcome, educate, and provide opportunities for those in need so that one day, they are empowered to move our country forward.

Edith Valle is a recent graduate from St. Edward’s University where she studied graphic design. Her work features colorful designs, illustrations and paintings. She draws much of her inspiration from a commitment to social justice and pride in her Mexican-American identity.

Edith Valle

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