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24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Jay Shaw / Austin, TX

Edition of 35 | Sold unframed

I chose the school-to-prison pipeline as my subject because it’s an area I’m very passionate about. When I was a kid, I was often put in disciplinary situations that affected me academically. I was sent to a military high school as an alternative to a juvenile correction facility and found it very difficult to pursue my passion for art. I was very lucky to attend art school, but most kids in similar situations don’t find themselves as fortunate. School should be the antidote to the prison system, but we’re currently missing the infrastructure and resources to keep our kids behind books rather than bars.

Jay Shaw is the Brand Director at Mondo, a collectible boutique and sister company to The Alamo Drafthouse. Jay started working in design in 2001 and has spent most of his career as a freelance poster and package designer before joining the Mondo team.

Jay Shaw

SKU: 17JShaw17
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