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  • 24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Michael Ray Charles / Houston, TX

    Edition of 35 | Signed and numbered by the artist | Sold unframed

    Any school-to-prison pipeline is a crime against humanity. Many African American boys enter their school years completely infused with a funk of distrust and misunderstanding among educational leaders in institutions designed to assist, inspire and educate them. While the source of these problems may appear to be too isolated to school systems, it is not; these problems are rooted in the fabric of America’s socio-economic structure. Cultural perceptions contribute significantly to the belief that a vast majority of us are not, cannot, and will never, but I know the value of receiving the benefit of the doubt.

    The paintings of acclaimed, internationally known artist Michael Ray Charles scathingly address issues of identity that concern postmodern art and society. Michael’s paintings ridicule the “romance” of the Old South and black subservience. He has had one-person exhibitions in numerous countries and is among the first group of artists showcased in the PBS series titled "ART 21" that highlighted top artists of the 21st century. Today as Michael continues to paint, his work remains the subject of books, magazines and articles. In addition to numerous distinguished public and private collections, he currently exhibits at Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York and Cotthem Gallery in Belgium and Spain.

    Michael Ray Charles

    SKU: 06MCharles17
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