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The Mighty West: Justice for All Texans, 2022


24" x 36" silkscreened poster by Phoebe Joynt. Limited edition of 50.

Signed and numbered by the artist. Sold unframed.



A female, male, and child are depicted in this poster design, and all three are interwoven with one another. This is to symbolize our strength and power in unity. All of the figures depicted are either blindfolded or have eyes not shown, to hint back to the saying that "Justice is Blind." In order to enact fair and complete justice, we must be viewing it from an impartial and objective lens; treating each other on equal ground. The vision for this poster design is to remind us that we are mighty and strong, especially when we act together under the common goal of bettering the livelihood, laws, and communities that impact and matter to us as Texans.

Phoebe Joynt

SKU: 04Joynt22
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