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24" x 36" limited-edition silkscreened poster by Adam Mulsow / Lubbock, TX

Edition of 35 | Signed and numbered by the artist | Sold unframed

In Texas, we have laws that ignore the evidence that getting people back on their feet is a much more effective and compassionate means of preventing crime than imposing steeper fines and harsher punishments. Maybe it is part of our state identity that we stay tough, rather than doing something we perceive as soft, but the practice of further marginalizing the poorest and most vulnerable among us is at odds with my concept of Texas. That's the idea here — to combine imagery of Texas pride with this ugly thing that is happening, encouraging you to internalize the problem as something that harms all of us, and our beautiful state.

A freelance designer and graduate of Texas Tech University, Adam Mulsow now works as a grower in a research greenhouse. This entails daydreaming in rooms full of plants for eight hours before coming home to let it spill out onto page and screen. He is passionate about designing for community events, social causes, and anything that brings people together in a positive way. Active in promoting Lubbock's lively music scene for over a decade, as well as designing for groups around the country, he is always excited for new challenges in life and art.

Adam Mulsow

SKU: 13AMulsow17
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